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We will cover useful mime and physicality for all performers: placing energy into your body; directing where you want it to go, creating awareness of your message to the audience, telling stories without words, and more. This is will be taught at a physically safe distance AND participants will be required to wear a mask. 

Once you've registered, participating through ZOOM will be an option. IF you are participating through ZOOM, it's recommended that you have a full-length mirror and a smooth floor. Class size is limited. Please, register early!

Beth has studied with Marcel Marceau, Gregg Goldston, Kari Margolis, David Gaines, Kirsten Stephens, Stephen Chipps and MANY others. She's been the artistic director of Byrd Production Physical Theater since 1995 and has worked with many types of Physical Theater performers and instructors over the years.

Ages 14 and up

Tuesday nights

7:30 - 9:00 September 14 - November 2

at the City in Motion Studios

300 East 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

go to or call 816-561-2882 to register

Instructor: Beth Byrd-Lonski and possible guests

Black and White Mime
Mime for every BODY: Service
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