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New Program for Corporate Events or Conventions!

Designed especially for corporate events and conventions this new workshop combines laughter with exercises that are approachable to anyone with a body. ​

Beth has a passion for all things related to movement. She has been learning and teaching clown and mime for longer than she can remember and has been teaching Arthritis, Aqua, and other wellness classes since 1986. 

Her teaching is focused on quality and longevity of life and showing anyone that they can move and care for their body from their desk or dining room chair. 

Please email or call Beth for further details or booking information. 

Clowning Around for Fitness: Service

Beth was an absolute delight for our self-care sessions. We laughed, we stretched, we laughed some more. A much-needed time out that made us all feel lighter. Thank you!

Deena, School of Nursing and Health Studies, UMKC

Clowning Around for Fitness: Testimonials
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