Honoring humanity through creative self – expression.  
Dedicated to providing quality movement based theatre
through performance, education, collaboration and

CLOwNING Levels 1&2

LEVEL I: Discover your inner clown!
Instructors are experts in character development,
slapstick, how to take a pie in the face,
mime,  makeup application and much more.
Class is tailored to the needs of participants,
as well as the availability of the professional instructors.

LEVEL II: Continue the journey of uncovering
your personal clown, don a red nose and study the techniques
of Jaque Lecoq, Frosty Little, Elizabeth Baron,
Ettienne Decroix, Giovannie Fusetti,
Marcel Marceau and other masters.

The Fall Session begins September 2nd

Instructors: provided by Byrd Productions, are a variety of
Kansas City's top professional clowns, mimes
and performing artists including:
Beth Byrd, Stephanie Roberts, Heidi Van, Dennis Porter,
Jay & Leslie Cady, Hailey Lauren Jones,
Patrick Rippeto, Terry Davolt and Kent & Kevin Mercer.

LEVEL II: Tuesdays , 8:00 - 9:00pm
LEVEL I: Wednesdays 8:30 - 9:30

$99 for nine week session or
drop-ins welcome!
Only $15

City in Motion, 3925 Main KCMO 64111
go to
www.cityinmotion.org or call 816-561-2882
to register
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Joe Williams-Willy Barrett is bringing Delsarte back to Kansas City,
brought to you by BellatrixAli, Goldie Goldstein & Byrd Productions Physical Theater!!

Both the workshops and the private lessons will be held at the Kansas City Masonic Temple
(903 Harrison St; KCMO 64106 -- across from the Arts Asylum)
thanks to special coordination by is Hailey Lauren Jones' of
MoJo Invocations.

What is Delsarte, you ask?

JOE WILLIAMS is a world-renowned Delsarte practician, performer, and teacher. A teacher of dance, voice and yoga, Joe has a BA
in organizational and interpersonal communications, and a minor in theater from Wright State University, where he was the artistic director
for the "Rolling Stock" theater group, helping to write and produce touring shows that presented the talents of differently-abled students.
He was a scholarship student in ballet at the Dayton Ballet and Dayton Contemporary Dance schools (becoming assistant business
manager of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for one year), and taught communication workshops for the Wright State School
of Medicine for 6 years. He also studied classical voice, which led him to New York to study with Jon Frederic West of the Metropolitan
Opera. During that stay in New York, he began studying Middle Eastern dance with Morrocco and the Casbah Dance Experience.

REGISTER HERE --> http://belliphat.com/workshops.html
or for more information call(913) 638-5115

Private lessons (1-hour) are $40 each thru 9/14 & $50 each 9/15-10/1. Private lessons not available for purchase at the door.

5-6pm -- Private Lesson
6:15-7:15pm -- Private Lesson
7:30-8:30pm -- Private Lesson

5-6pm -- Private Lesson
6:15-7:15pm -- Private Lesson
7:30-8:30pm -- Private Lesson

NOTE: It is required that you have taken the THREE PILLARS class before taking a private lesson, so that your
basic/fundamentals of Delsarte are covered. Private lesson time will not be used to cover the basic instruction


All workshops are priced as follows:
$15/ea thru Sept 14th
$25/ea from Sept 15th-Oct 1st
$35/ea at the door

8:30am-10:30am -- THE THREE PILLARS
10:45am - 12:45pm -- BODY LANGUAGE
1:30pm - 3:30pm -- PERFORMING WITH PROPS

If you'd like to be treated to something special, come to this year's annual
Shimmy For The Cure benefit show
Saturday night where Joe will be performing his incomparable Dervish
This is the first time Joe has performed his Dervish number in the KC area, so you don't want to miss it! It is truly transforming!

9:00am - 10:00am -- YOGA FOR EVERY BODY
10:15am - 12:15pm -- FINDING YOUR BALANCE
1:00pm - 3:00pm -- WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS

REGISTER HERE --> http://belliphat.com/workshops.html



THE THREE PILLARS -- EXPRESSIVE ZONES OF THE BODY: Your body is dynamically creative, and designed to express
completely your Mental, Emotional and Vital powers. Here, we learn how they are very specifically expressed throughout the various parts
of the body. This is a class filled with "A-Ha!" moments as students recognize how accurate and applicable these forgotten truths are.
Learn how changing the height of a gesture by a few inches, or changing which finger is used to initiate a touch can powerfully alter the
meaning of that gesture, and the innate symbolism of different parts of the arm. Learn how to broaden your own movement patterns and
vocabulary, and unleash your limitless powers of self-expression as an artist.

BODY LANGUAGE & PERFORMANCE: This seminar introduces students to some of the fundamental elements of body language,
in the Three Pillars Delsarte approach. This is applicable not only to performance, but to all the arts, business, communications,
psychology, or any others who would benefit from more knowledge of the self. We look at the meaning within common movement
patterns of forward and back, side to side, diagonals, curves, and some simple expressions of the angles of head movement. If you are a
performer, dancer or troupe member, these will change your awareness of blocking and choreography forever. (NOTE: It is required that
you take the THREE PILLARS class before taking this one, so that your basic/fundamentals of Delsarte are covered.)

In this class we will explore how your body and the space around your body contain meaning. This
will allow us to see how both the way we hold props, and where we move them, give meaning to the prop, or communicate relationship to
our audience. These things will hold true whether your dance prop is a cane, a candle, a sword, a veil, or any other prop. And for the
Burlesque artist, your fans, hats, and comical props, and even removed garments can become very powerful tools for creativity and playful
expression. (NOTE: It is required that you take the THREE PILLARS class before taking this one, so that your basic/fundamentals of
Delsarte are covered.)

Would you like to try yoga, but you've been concerned that it doesn't work for your body
type/age/flexibility level? Are you a current practitioner who finds certain positions difficult no matter how long you've practiced? Are you a
yoga instructor who trains practitioners from all walks of life (or would you like to)? Then this is the class for you! Joe has been teaching
private yoga for 15 years in NYC, specializing in diverse body types, ages and health needs. He currently has students ranging from age
13-89, and has worked with clients who have Parkinson's, osteoporosis, injury recoveries etc. Come see how this amazing practice can
help your stress levels, your performance anxiety, and your overall health & well-being. This is not a 'flow' class -- this class will
concentrate on doing the moves as needed by *your* body, not pushing thru all the moves with no attention paid to the individual.

FINDING (& KEEPING!) YOUR BALANCE: Balance is a key element in what we do as performers. Belly dancers go from rellevez
to deep knee bends in just a few measures. Burlesque artists must personify grace while in heels & throwing their weight outside their
center of gravity to highlight one body part to the next. All genres of performance need to keep an ease & steadiness, regardless of tempo
or stage size. In this class, discover how to find where your center of gravity is, and how to maintain your body in balance regardless of
where your weight shifts to. What's more, learn to do these things without causing stress to your knees, back, or other joints - for if there is
stress, then you are not in balance or body alignment. (NOTE: It is required that you take the THREE PILLARS class before taking this
one, so that your basic/fundamentals of Delsarte are covered.)

The arms and hands of a dancer, of a performer... Your arms and
hands are a universe of every emotion and human feeling. You will learn the symbolism of each and every part of them, many of their most
fundamental expressive movements, and how to use them as a master artist to construct your choreographies. You will also learn an
essential arm warm-up that unlocks their freedom and eliminates stiffness, while strengthening them technically. This class is excellent for
both dancers and burlesque artists, as well as cabaret singers, who want to take their performances to the next level, with the simplicity of
a well-placed hand movement. (NOTE: It is required that you take the THREE PILLARS class before taking this one, so that your
basic/fundamentals of Delsarte are covered.)

DYNAMIC POSES FOR THE CAMERA: Whether is be striking that perfect pause during your performance (when you KNOW a
thousand camera clicks will be going off) or finding the right pose to exude your character in a still-photo studio session, knowing how to
pose for the camera (or your audience) is a huge part of our performance lives. You want the best photos for your headshots, submissions,
business cards & websites - but what do you do when you get in front of the camera? Most of us are dynamic performers, so taking still
poses can put us in foreign territory. Furthermore, not all photographers know how to get the best out of YOU, so you can't rely on them
to always be your guide. The Delsarte system is a fantastic guide for getting the most out of your studio time! (NOTE: It is required that
you take the THREE PILLARS class before taking this one, so that your basic/fundamentals of Delsarte are covered.)

REGISTER HERE --> http://belliphat.com/workshops.html